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General Dentistry & Hygiene

Minimally Invasive Options

The dentists of Ambiance Dental firmly believe "the best dentistry is no dentistry," that the strongest part of a tooth is its own enamel, and no matter what restorative material we use it will never be the same as your natural tooth. So we alway aims to preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible by applying this concept of minimally invasive options at every step:

  • Early cavity detection and treatment
  • Use of restoration materials that promote durability, for fillings, crowns, inlays and onlays
  • Offering minimally invasive smile restoration using veneers, which retains much of your natural tooth structure.

Integration in Dentistry

Regardless of the progress in dentistry and medicine over the years, there is a concern of fragmented care. Specialists focusing on their areas of expertise and the "whole patient" sometimes going unnoticed.

We offer a 90 minute New Patient Comprehensive Evaluation where we don't only learn about your teeth and gums, but also your health in general. We believe the state of your teeth, gums and jaw joints can directly affect the rest of your body, like your muscular and skeletal systems, and those systems influence the condition of your mouth as well.

It's also common to see dental care only concerned with addressing tooth problems and treating oral disease, rather than focusing on root causes, prevention and options in dealing with each individual situation. Therefore we practice preventive hygiene.

Preventive Hygiene

Our hygienists want to ensure that your teeth remain free of any build-up, and look healthy and beautiful all year round!

Scaling is a major part of every hygiene appointment and allows us to reduce plaque, tartar and bacteria that may reside on your teeth. We employ two methods of scaling on your teeth, one of which is a traditional hand scaling tool.

Oral cancer detection, and early detection, is vitally important. We offer this screening at every New Patient Comprehensive Evaluation, and additional screening may be pursued annually.

We are capable of detecting cavities at the very early stages of development, and can help your teeth heal these cavities if they are discovered early enough.

Through close communication with clients our hygienists explain treatment plans carefully and offer prevention programs for people with higher risk of tooth decay.

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