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Dental Restorations

It's natural for your teeth to wear over time. The purpose of restorative dental work is to bring back their natural appearance, improve their function and correct a poor bite. Problems like headaches, jaw pain, clicking, difficulty opening the mouth, clenching or grinding could be the result of a poor bite, all of which may be improved with dental restorations.

Fillings can be used to fix a cavity, minor fracture, tooth wear or erosion. We offer several tooth filling options, depending on your needs, but do not place amalgam (mercury, silver) fillings.

Dental crowns, inlays or onlays can be placed to restore the natural function and strength of your teeth, and to help to shape your bite and smile.

Root canal therapy can be used to remove an infection in the root of your tooth, possibly caused by significant decay or a cracked tooth.

If you've had teeth extracted or have missing teeth, you can restore your smile with a dental bridge or permanent dental implant.

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